Thursday, August 9, 2012

Chicken Gravy

Chicken Gravy
   Another one on my Planned Over Routine. Two leftover chicken breasts and 
three people to feed. What to do? They'll be dry and maybe tough heated up in the microwave and not enough to go around. Another comfort food that isn't eaten often due to da fact of HIGH HIGH GREASE CONTENT on dey cookin!
Good candidate fer Big Fat Wimmens Who Cooks Thangs.. my new show. 


 2 leftover fried chicken breasts--Sliced thinly across the grain and set aside
3 Tbsp Lard or crisco
Powdered chicken bouillon
Poultry seasoning
About 16 oz cold water.....?? I don't measure
Flour.. I don' t measure it
Large Iron Skillet


 Put that big ole black iron skillet on the burner and turn it on high
Drop in your lard and allow it to melt.
Start adding flour a handful at a time and stirring constantly make a smooth reaux. Remove from heat if it starts getting too brown.. Just scoot it off the burner. Keep adding flour until all the grease is taken up in a smooth, light brown reaux. Add dash salt,2 dashes pepper, 2 dashespoultry season and approx. 2 tsp. chicken bouillon powder. Easy on the salt since you can always add more later and there is some in the bouillion powder.
Continue to stir constantly and brown the reaux to a medium golden brown.
Add cold water and continue to stir until smooth consistency is reached and excess water is cooked off. You can always add a splash more water if you need to. Add sliced chicken breast to mixture and heat through. Serves up well with tater cakes! 

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