Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Southern Sweet Tea

Southern Sweet Tea

South of the Mason-Dixon Line you don't ask if you want tea hot or cold, sweet or unsweet. The only question is lemon or no lemon?
Everyone in our family makes excellent tea. Alot of folks who didn't like it before they tried it this way are now hooked!
Do not substitute any other brand of tea for the Lipton.
Its the best!


 6 LIPTON tea bags
small sauce pan--4 cup size
3 cups cold water
2 cups sugar
Gallon pitcher

 place 3 cups water in sauce pan on burner and turn on HIGH
place 6 tea bags in the water
Bring to a good rolling boil.
Turn burner off and remove from heat.
Allow to steep for 5-10 minutes
Place sugar in bottom of gallon tea pitcher
Pour hot tea over sugar and stir well to completely dissolve
Add cold water to fill pitcher to within 2 " of the top
Stir well and chill
Serve over ice with or without lemon slices depending on personal preference

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