Monday, August 6, 2012

Strawberry Pecan Salad

Strawberry Pecan Salad

I found the ingredients to copy the recipe at Longhorn Steak House for their Strawberry Pecan Salad. I tried it there and enjoyed it so much I wanted to learn to make it myself. It is so tasty, easy, and such a pretty salad. 
 This makes one salad.


Spring mixed salad greens
Feta Cheese
Red Onion thinly sliced
mandarin orange slices
4 large strawberries washed and thinly sliced
10 -12 red seedless grapes washed and halved
2 TBSP roasted pecan pieces
Dressing of your choice.. they serve theirs with a strawberry vinagrette, but I prefer mine with homemade buttermilk ranch.

Wash and toss greens place in salad bowl
Top with strawberries, mandarin orange slices, grape halves, and a few red onion slices to taste. Add about 1 TBSP feta cheese crumbles and 2 TBSP roasted pecans. It is a pretty filling large salad and can be a meal in itself.

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