Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tater Cakes

Tater Cakes

Good ole, greasy American comfort food. I consider this Southern cooking.
This is part of my Planned Overs Repertoire. Ways to use up food a second meal and present it in a tasty fashion. Not something we eat often behind the fact of the high HIGH  grease content on they cookin' but once in awhile they are delicious!
I cook for Coxey's Army .. don't know how to make a little bit of anything.
In order to keep from being wasteful........ you have to get creative. 
Part Deux of the Big Fat Wimmens Who Cooks Thangs series.


Leftover mashed potatoes. -approx. 3 cups
Put them up the night before in the bowl they were served in,
and cover with plastic wrap. Makes for easy mixing the second time around 
when preparing  tater cakes.
1 egg
Grease or lard


Add approx. 1 cup of flour
1 egg and salt and pepper to taste to the leftover mashed potatoes.
Mush them up with clean hands.
Pat them out into potato pancakes and flour the outside.
Have you a skillet of hot grease on the stove. Add the tater cakes to the grease carefully. Turn them only once or they'll fall to pieces. Brown each side in hot oil.
They are rich, but delicious and satisfying. 

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