Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hill Country Pot Roast

Geranium in my kitchen.
 The weather has turned cool. Time for some comfort food.

Hill Country Pot Roast 


1 eye of round roast beef 
1 recipe of Hill Country Rub*
Large Dutch Oven
Cast Iron Skillet
Olive Oil
1 large onion
5 carrots peeled and chopped in half
8 potatoes
1 envelope Lipton Beefy Onion Soup Mix
Directions for making Hill Country Rub

Combine in a bowl:
1 1/2 cup Kosher salt
1/4 black pepper
1 Tablespoon cayenne pepper

til mixed well and use to coat the outside completely of a roast beef

Package up any remaining and put aside in an airtight container.

Here is how my hill country rub came out looking. I canned up the left overs.
This is a Texas specialty and Texans know how to prepare beef! 

Once the roast beef is coated brown the outside to sear it in a hot cast iron skillet
with olive oil in the bottom coating it.  This can be done in your Dutch Oven but I do NOT recommend it. It nearbout ruined my Dutch Oven.  This time I took it out on the
grill and used the side burner and the iron skillet and kept the mess to a minimum!
Works better and faster.

Once that roast beef is seared on all sides place it in the Dutch Oven.
Pour the pan drippings over it.

Add the veggies peeled and chopped around it.
Add one envelope Lipton beefy onion soup mix
Add a kettle full of water.

Add to an oven preheated to 400 degrees.
Allow to roast for 1 1/2 hrs then reduce heat.
Simmer for additional hour or so until tender.

Makes a wonderful pan gravy.

This is my families favorite way for me to fix a pot roast.
It is savory and every morsel gets eaten!

***Cleaning Tip***
The time before when I nearly ruined my Dutch Oven enamel...
I learned that Polident denture tablets make short work of cleaning a mess off enameled cookware!  I cleaned this thing in 5 minutes flat after soaking it with four polident tablets
hot water and a drop of Dawn dish liquid. 

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