Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Blackberry and Nectarine Salad --Summer's Best

Blackberries from the WNC Farmers Market.. can you tell we've worked on them?

Blackberry and Nectarine Salad

      I have always been a salad fan, but in more recent years I have come to like
fruit in salads.  I have learned to enjoy the surprising taste and texture sensations from eating
seasonal fruits with veggies in salad.    The combination of tart ripe blackberries with 
fresh, juicy nectarines was very pleasing.  


 1 pint fresh blackberries
2 fresh nectarines
1/2 red onion
slivered almonds
dried cranberries
*Red leaf lettuce thoroughly washed & drained
 Four large salad bowls
Prepare  lettuce by tearing into bite sized pieces and fill bowls
Top with slivers of nectarine
Add fresh blackberries
Add tiny slivers of red onion. Go easy on this because it is strong.
Add garnish of slivered almonds & dried cranberries
Serves 4
Dressing suggestions:  
Use whatever you like.  
This would be good with a blackberry vinagrette
It is also good with simple "Carolina Ketchup" which is Ranch Dressing.

To make an easy Buttermilk Ranch Dressing
Purchase a packet of Hidden Valley BUTTERMILK Recipe dressing.
In a quart mason jar add 1 cup fresh buttermilk
1 cup mayonaise
and the packet of mix.
put a lid on the jar and shake well.

If you use this go easy on it so you don't overwhelm your salad with it.
You don't want a salad to be awash in any sort of dressing to the point you cannot taste the other ingredients.

* Any sort of salad greens will work with this according to personal preference.
Red leaf lettuce is a favorite of mine. It has a crisp, buttery texture and flavor that is
always pleasing.  My whole family likes it. Even Kenny who is picky. I have also found 
that red leaf lettuce seems to keep fresh longer.

Above:  Blackberry Nectarine Salad

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