Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Brown Sugar Bourbon Barbeque Chicken

"Little Happy" by Elizabeth Keith of Cary, NC
On the wall of my front porch.

Brown Sugar Bourbon Barbeque Chicken

    Back in Vesuvius where half my kin hail from there is a story about "Juber". 
His real name was Matthew Henry Fitzgerald and he lived in the area. What does Juber have to do
with Brown Sugar Bourbon Barbeque Chicken?  Nothing.  
He has something to do with brown sugar though.  He had many odd ways.  One of which was always
walking to the bank in Raphine to cash his paycheck to avoid being robbed.  He also carried a little bag
in his pocket of brown sugar lumps and ate them.  My Papaw Jesse "Shine" Bradley told me about
an encounter he had with him one night.  He said the family had gone to bed and all were asleep, except
him.  He was going outside to smoke that one last cigarette for the night. The moon was full and Papaw could  see a man in their back yard. He stepped out and got closer.   He could see then who it was.
He spoke to him "Can I help you Mr. Fitzgerald? What are you doing out here?"  The fellow replied 
"Naw, I don't need nothing. Ole Juber always did like to wander around at night when the moon was big and bright!"  And that is what he was doing when Papaw turned in and went to bed.  Harmless, but odd. 
Stories like this abound in the area where me and my people are from. 


Brown Sugar Bourbon seasoning-I found it at Sams Club.
John Boy & Billy's Original Barbeque Sauce
2 lb package of chicken thighs*
Aluminum foil

9x9 baking dish

Preheat oven to 425*
Rinse chicken in sink
Line baking dish with foil
Dust both sides of chicken thighs with Brown Sugar Bourbon Seasoning 
Place in pan on foil
Pour John Boy and Billy Sauce over chicken pieces to glaze lightly

Bake for 1 hr or until chicken temperature measured with a meat thermometer is 180*
Juices should run clear. The meat should have no pink. Skin should be browned, but not burned.

* Any chicken pieces will do, but we have found that chicken thighs are both economical and tasty!
They are the perfect size for smaller appetites or families.

Phase 1-- Line your pan with foil. You can spray it with cooking spray to help prevent sticking.

 Phase #2--Glazed coated chicken ready to bake. I cover the chicken with the foil and lay it back during the last 20 minutes or so to brown the chicken well without burning.

Phase #3-- Chicken is done and ready to eat!  A great tasting, easy to cook, easy to clean up Summer meal.
No fuss. No standing over a  hot stove or grill. 

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