Thursday, June 25, 2015

Stella Rosa Peach Sangria

Stella Rosa Peach Sangria 

   I got to The Reserve Wine & Spirits Store in Clark's Grove without my 
Honey White Sangria Recipe and had to wing it.  The knowledegable staff 
and business owner never steer me wrong.  I think this recipe is the
best, most Summery yet!  


1  bottle Stella Rosa Peach wine blend
1/4 cup Christian Brothers Peach Brandy
1/8th cup honey
1/2 liter sparkling water
8 oz. Sprite
1/2 cup orange mango juice
8 Rainier Cherries
8 Dark Sweet Cherries 
1 peach sliced with peel on
1 orange sliced or sectioned

Stir well in pitcher til blended

Add fruit and Chill for at least 2 hours

The finished product!  Yummy!  

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